help - show all commands of JosseBot!

invite - invite JosseBot to your server :D!

support - join our support server!

botinfo - Informations about the bot!

prefix - get the prefix from the guild/bot.

userinfo - informations about a user.

serverinfo - informations about the server you are in!


purge - clear an amount of messages

kick - kick a user from the guild.

ban - ban a user from the guild.

addrole - add a role to a user.

removerole - remove a role to a user.

(More comming soon...)


cat - random cat images!

dog - random dog images!

panda - random panda images!

fox - random fox images!

birb - random birb images!

pikachu - random pikachu images!

meme - random meme images!

pfacts - random panda facts!

catfacts - random cat facts!

dogfacts - random dog facts!

foxfact - random fox facts!

hug - random anime hug images!

pat - random anime pat images!

coinflip - flip a coin!


joinchannel - enable/change join channel!

joinmessage - enable/change join messages!

leavechannel - enable/change leave channel!

leavemessage - enable/change leave messages!

newprefix - change server prefix!

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